Peonies and Polaroids

It’s a rainy Monday.   It comes in complete contrast to the past weekend.  Warm, relaxing, sunny…

This past weekend was not just Mother’s Day, but it was also Adalynn’s actual birthday on Saturday.  We spent the entire weekend outside on our porch with good food and lots of family.

Sunday we went to a gorgeous peony garden near our house. I shot one of my first maternity photo sessions here.  It always blooms around mother’s day and to me it is just heaven.

I wanted to just enjoy it and take it in, so I demanded we grab some polaroid film before we go.  I just love how genuine polaroid photos are.  They capture the moment and it take the pressure off me as a photographer of going home and loading photos and making them perfect.  They are what they are and they make my heart happy.

Of course I couldn’t resist taking some “real” photos too…they also make my heart happy.  Thanks to my hubby for taking some of these sweet photos and for making my first mother’s day extra special!

Happy Monday.



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