Late Afternoon…

It’s that time.  The sun is starting to set.  You know the majority of the day is over and the world is starting to settle down. The smell of dinner is in the air, but before you sit around the table…you take a little break.  You breathe in the day and what you have accomplished and then you forget about it all.  You laugh a little easier…feel a little lighter…stroll a little longer.

Today was a jam-packed Monday,  but it was also full of family, friends and eating delicious food while little babies slept.
I am excited for all the things going on this week…and to share even more of Mark and Kira’s gorgeous engagement session.

But for today…just for a bit this afternoon…I am going to enjoy the little breeze and take it all in a bit…I hope you do too.



PS- For all those who messaged me about not posting today…I heart you <3 Thanks for reading xo



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