Dear Adalynn…Happy Daddy’s Day

Dear Adalynn,

You know that smiley feeling you get when your doggies lick your face?  Or the excitement you feel when you get to jump on the couch as much as your want? Or maybe it’s the full feeling you have when we let you eat unlimited strawberries from the garden.  Sweet girl…those feelings are the ones you get when your heart is truly happy.

Since last year’s father’s day you have grown from a tiny baby into our new little girl and your daddy has grown from a new dad to your dad.

Your dad knows you like nobody else…can make you laugh the easiest…eat your meals the best and teaches you new baby signs everyday.  He is the first to jump out of bed when you have a bad dream and to let you play with Jack and Brody even if mommy is nervous.  He knows just how to put you to sleep.  He let’s you explore and shows you new things. He let’s you be messy, but he also knows just how to put ribbons in your hair.

Most importantly, in the past year, he has given us the gift to be a family that is home together every day.

If you think of all the happiness from doggy kisses, couch jumping and unlimited strawberries and you put them together…that’s what I feel whenever I see you and your daddy together.

Thank you sweet girl, for showing me in the past year how God picked the most wonderful daddy and  husband for our little family.

My heart is so happy.

Happy Father’s Day to your amazing dad and Happy Daddy’s Day to you.


Your momma

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