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Look out for Stormtroopers: A Halloween Note

A few years ago, Sean and I hopped in the car for a last minute candy run. It was early in the day andView full post »

Motherhood Monday: A New Chapter

I tucked Adalynn into bed tonight.  Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. I pulled upView full post »

Time Is Not Really Flying: A Post on Summer and a Challenge

The air just seems crisper…can you feel it? It is a sweet reminder that the heat doesn’tView full post »

The Stories We Tell

Earlier this year I was selected to sponsor a teenager, Alex, through theView full post »

Featured Grey Likes Baby: Adalynn’s First Birthday

On Monday, Adalynn’s first birthday party was featured on Grey Likes Baby.  Hard toView full post »

Happy May!

Yep…that’s a llama…Not a wedding…or a gorgeous momma…but a llama.View full post »

Bread & Wine, Blueberry Crisp and Opening the Door

“I want a life that sizzles and pops and makes me laugh out loud. And I don’t want to get to theView full post »

Getting it together.

It’s been awhile…a long while. It’s a new year…in fact…it’s theView full post »

What Matters.

To summarize Making Things Happen is difficult.  I mean…really difficult.  I haveView full post »

Suitcase packed…heart in hand.

There comes a time when you just know something has to change.  You need to do something different. TheView full post »


My husband asked me this morning “What inspires you?”  It was prompted by my longing toView full post »

Pajamas on the Beach

We piled into the car on Sunday afternoon.  It was packed to the brim.  InView full post »

Birthday Girl!

The only reason God didnt make us sisters is because one mom couldn’t handle us both. TRUEView full post »

Squeeze Them Tight

I had plans for a much different post today.  But I also know that several people who read this blogView full post »

3 Years Ago…

On this day 3 years ago it was pouring down rain…5 inches in 24 hours to be exact.View full post »