There is a narrow street in Fells Point that veers off the cobble stone and dips down to the water and long docks. It has two brick row houses that frame it. One has a particularly long window with a gorgeous staircase barely visible from below. Covered in thick ivy, this wall is a small, not so secret spot that couples love to visit for their engagement session. It is picturesque enough that many will even make the trek during already packed wedding days to have their bridal parties photographed here. And for photographer’s like myself, we often see the owners of the two houses, peering out the windows for a glimpse of the couple below. My time with Anna and Andrew here was different. We took our time and lingered with no peering eyes, since they are the couple who owns this beautiful home and semi-famous wall. Anna and Andrew have lived in this here for the past few years and have watched many couples walk hand and hand along their street. I was able to enjoy the time with them in their backyard with their sweet pup Daisy and I can’t wait for their gorgeous wedding this Fall. Next time you venture to Fells and the ivy covered wall be sure to wave to the window and wish these two a congratulations.

Lifestyle. Candids. These are words I hear when I meet with couples or families time and time again. I totally get it. I love the freedom in doing what you want in front of the camera, and catching the emotion in those moments. I love the giant belly laughs and glances of a husband at his new wife. I love the look of a little girl at her newborn brother and her trying to touch his eyelashes. I love daddies looking at new babies, snuggles in perfect nurseries and piles of kids on top of one another. I really do love it. But I also love a solid portrait. The iconic image of a couple in love, a tried and true husband and wife. The first time mother. The first time father. The brother and sister. The proud small business owner. The girl about to go off to college. I love them. And yes, these can be somewhat candid. They do not have to be forced, or perfect. In fact, I like them a little more unperfected, a little more like the people they are taken of. I like them to tell stories. Romance, joy, strength. The point is, they are necessary and they should be as solid as the individuals they are made of. I promise you, years from now your grandchildren, or maybe even your grandchildren’s grandchildren, they are going to want to see you. They are going to want to see you when you slowed down enough to breathe. To simply be you. To know you were enough. To know that your life and where you were standing right then was enough. That is was worth documenting. They are going to want to see the smile lines. The look in your eyes when you held their mother or kissed their father on their wedding day. Or how you looked when you had just lost a parent, but made time for family portraits anyways. They are going to want to know what you looked like long before they were born. What your expression and face said on the biggest days that eventually trickled down to them. So don’t be deceived. Stories are told in portraits. Slow down and make time for them. Schedule them for your family, old or young. Don’t shy away from them or hide behind quick snaps. Create a legacy of portraits that are poignant exclamations to the stream of photos that make up your life. Ones that say, this is me; this was me. I am enough and so are you.

Andrea and Brooks are two people with giant hearts. When I first met them on an icy winter day, I heard more about their hearts and lives than I did about their wedding. And I knew I was going to adore this couple when Andrea was overjoyed at the idea of printed photos and Brooks realized he had lived in the same tiny town I now live in. Over the many months between that meeting and their wedding I got to see how their two personalities were intertwining to create a day their friends and family would cherish. When the day finally arrived, it was obvious that their faith and tradition were their priorities. Emotions were high and while he typically takes everything with a smile, Brooks reaction when he saw Andrea for the first time…well if you didn’t love him before you loved him even more then. His reaction and their ceremony as a whole just showed the depth and of this commitment between the two of them. Guests were treated to an evening of drinks and dancing at Raspberry Plain in Leesburg, Virginia. I think Andrea and Brooks left with sore feet from dancing as well as sore cheeks from smiling. The day was a gorgeous reflection of who they are as a couple. Andrea and Brooks, congratulations. May your marriage be as vibrant and love-filled as the two of you.

I don’t know if these two could get any cuter. But their silly attitudes, big eyes and brotherly love were just too much for my camera. We were actually there to shoot portraits for big brother Trey when his little brother had to get in on the action. I think it was well worth it. You two were just too much and can jump in front of the camera any time!

Later this week I will be sending out information for this years fall mini sessions. Perfect timing for all of those classic holiday cards. If you are interested please email

Nora G. I don’t know if there is a sweeter name. I fell in love with this little family the minute I talked to her momma. We have too many things in common and her outlook on motherhood is just spot on. It is so clear that this little girl has two wonderful parents who have as much invested in helping the world as they do in this little gem. I spent an afternoon with them in the city in their beautiful apartment and I couldn’t have enjoyed our conversation more. And the nursery… such a perfect combination of delicate baby and aspiring world changer. I look forward to seeing this little lady grow!