We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success. -Henry David Thoreau

Do you remember being 18? High school? College applications? When everything seemed possible and the world was literally at your feet. Katrina is a senior this year and she is literally leaping into what lies ahead. As a graceful and poised dancer we had quite the evening together. I could photograph dancers and joyful hearts like hers all day. Katrina, I am so excited for what awaits in the adventures ahead. May we all remember that anything is possible with a little less fear and a little more following our hearts.

It is hard to pick favorites when it comes to the couples I work with and the gorgeous weddings I get to photograph. But if I am being forced to pick with threats so serious (like if you don’t pick a favorite then you will never being able to have coffee again kinda serious,) then this is one of my very favorites.

Michelle and Tyler are a FUN couple and their wedding was not only stunning, but full of their personalities. Michelle is a girl who does not hold back and that included on her wedding day. She smiled big, laughed without hesitation, went in for the kiss a little early (see below) and was not even afraid when she was chased by Krampus at the Baltimore Christmas Market (see below). I was excited for their wedding day at the gorgeous Belvedere and I am even more excited for them to be Mr. and Mrs. now that they are residents on my small town too.

Michelle and Tyler…so much love for you two. Cheers to many dinners in our future and to a lifetime of happiness as husband and wife.

An extra thank you to Hannah of Hannah Leigh Photography for joining me for this wedding. It was one to remember.

Between the holiday season, a whole lot of morning sickness and a bump that was not ever small, this was not exactly an easy secret to keep. We are over the moon to share that we are expecting baby DeFrehn number three… yes number three! And if that wasn’t excitement enough, we know that we will be having another sweet BOY.

This momma who spent three years uninterrupted as a “girl mom” and who currently has an 18 month old son who is just figuring out trucks, but likes to walk around in his sisters dress-up shoes, I am still in shock that I am going to be outnumbered with boys. Adalynn and I constantly grab each other’s cheeks and say…”Can you believe there is going to be another boy in the house?!” I feel incredibly blessed to have both my princess and these two little guys surrounding me and of course a husband who has had to do more laundry, shuffle kids and do more meals all while running his own business over the past few months.

This pregnancy has been significantly tougher than my other two. I feel like I have barely connected with friends or family and have been living in my tiny hole with my soon to be not so little family. It has been a constant reminder that life is crazy, messy and beautiful in all of it’s seasons…even ones that are spent just trying to get through the day. It also reminds me that my mantra about mommahood requiring a lot of coffee and a lot more grace is most certainly true. (Although, my desire for coffee is only just returning.)

I hope to be coming back to the writing, connecting, social media world, but more importantly diving back into work that fills me up with people I really love. Thanks for letting me live in my tiny hole the past few months, but my baby boy bump and I can not wait to see more of your faces soon.

**Photo Credit to the fabulous Brittany Thomas Photography

If it is not obvious already, these two are quite a fun couple. Cynthia and John are the pair that doesn’t stop laughing or enjoying whatever they are doing. It was very cold the morning we met up for their shoot, but that did not stop them from quite literally dancing their way around the streets of Old Town Alexandria. These two have a love of architecture, history and Disney…specifically Donald Duck, so there was never a dull moment in our conversation. And even if their had been, John never took a moment too seriously. He had myself and lucy lookers laughing as he scooped Cynthia again and again. Cynthia and John, I loved spending time with you both. You two are such a great reminder to truly enjoy each others company and to not take things too seriously. I can not wait for your wedding at the Willard in just a few short months!

What a way to kick off the New Year than with a family I love. I call this the Libby Lane Press family, because let’s be honest, when you own a business, the family is just as much a part of it. It is hard to believe how time has flown since I first received an email from Nicolle asking if I was interested in collaborating on some of her business work. Four years, multiple epic birthday parties, hundreds of cupcakes, publications, pinterest failures and an additional child later, here we found ourselves on a Sunday afternoon.

Nicolle is famous for being brutally honest about the “struggle with the juggle” and Nicolle and I are admittedly some of the biggest clowns when it comes to that. Nicolle is first and foremost momma bear, and her darling children and bulldog pearl make for quite the spectacle on a daily basis. This Sunday we were together was no exception.

Nicolle, we both love motherhood, magical childhoods and dreaming big and that makes for a pretty great friendship that I am so thankful for. Cheers to the New Year ahead for your family and for our ventures in motherhood and business.

And to all the other momma bears out there… cheers to a year of loving them little and loving the struggle with the juggle.